Siddha Yoga Meditation
Meditation Sessions via Live Audio Stream 2017

This year, a new series of seven Siddha Yoga meditation sessions is being live audio streamed via the Siddha Yoga path website. The meditation sessions in this series are the perfect opportunity to engage with Gurumayi’s Message for 2017.

At the Siddha Yoga Mediation Center of San Jose, we will participate in these meditation sessions via webcast. The webcast sessions will be offered on a Thursday evening, instead of a regular satsang. Please check periodically the schedule below and the Calendar of Events for further information and updates.

The registration fees are listed after the schedule. For more information about the cost and online registration, please also check the Siddha Meditation Sessions 2017 on the Siddha Yoga path website. If you have questions about the sessions that are held at our Center, please email

Schedule :

Session Title Live Audio Stream
Siddha Yoga path website
SYMC San Jose webcast
Session I Creating the Space for the Breath to Flow Sun, March 26;
6:00 am PDT (8:00 am CDT)
Thur, March 30;
7:30 pm PST
Session II Mantra Japa: The Resonance of the Heart Sun, Apr 23;
Thur, Apr 27;
7:30 pm PDT
Session III The Luminous Doorway Sat, May 20;
Thur, May 25;
7:30 pm PDT
Session IV Following the Movements of the Shakti Sat, June 10;
Thur, June 29;
7:30 pm PDT
Session V   Sat, July 15;
Thur, July 27;
7:30 pm PDT
Session VI   Sat, Aug 26;
Thur, Aug 31;
7:30 pm PDT
Session VII   Sat, Sept 23;
Thur, Sept 28;
7:30 pm PDT

Registration Fees:

Siddha Yoga Path Website SYMC San Jose Webcast

$140 website package:
unlimited access to all seven meditation sessions, both live and via webcast for one year after registration
$25 individual website session:
30 days access

$15*per session

*The fee is waived for those registered on the Siddha Yoga path website; please bring proof.